AppleCare and Exam FAQs

AppleCare and Exam FAQs

Exam Details

What are the benefits of Apple Certification?

Apple Certifications can help differentiate yourself and your business, as well as to build credibility with not only clients but also current or potential employers.  Your certifications can be publicized on Apple's website which will increase visibility and enhance your reputation in today's competitive marketplace.  Becoming Apple Certified will also give you the opportunity to display your personalized certificate and logo that distinguishes you as an Apple Certified professional.

How much do the exams cost?

AppleCare (Hardware) exams run $400; Apple Digital Media/Pro Apps exams run $250; all other Apple IT exams are $250.  However; there are some package discounts which included price breaks on exam costs.  Please view our Certification Packages page to view what discounts are available.

Frankly, the exams are tough. They are written to ensure that you really know your stuff.  To help prepare for the exam, you could attempt self-study, but if that worked for everyone, we wouldn't be as successful as we are.

Do I have to take a class in order to take the test?

No, you do not.

However, taking the course provides one-on-one time with experienced instructors who can offer their expertise, and the opportunity to follow practical exercises with the subject matter specifically engineered to illustrate the points being tested upon in the exam questions.  There is also great benefit in the interaction with fellow peers during class.


How do I keep track of my certifications?

Log in to Your Certification Records. Additionally there is a Apple Certified Professionals Registry that is searchable by anyone.

Please ensure to always log in using the same AppleID, as often times certifications require two or more exams. Taking exams based off multiple TechIDs will not allow your certifications to build properly.


How do I get to ACTC for Mountain Lion v10.8?

The Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification requires two exams:

1 - OS X Support Essentials v10.8 - Mountain Lion101 (9L0-412)

2 - OS X Server Essentials v10.8 - Mountain Lion201 (9L0-TBD)


I already hold v10.7 Apple Certifications; do I need to retake ALL exams over again?

Not necessarily.

If you already hold the v10.7 Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification, you will need to re-take the 10.8 level of that same exam; there is not a re-certification exam available.

How long do my IT certifications last?

The current IT certifications are based upon Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and OS X Mountain Lion v10.8, and do not expire. They are designed to cover the life of that product. Once the new version of Mac OS X is released, then new versions of these certifications will be produced. This does not negate your certifications of previous versions of Mac OS X, just that as time goes on fewer users will be employing that version

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AppleCare Details

How does AppleCare Certification work?

There are two courses/exams required to complete the ACMT certification: an OS exam on troubleshooting Mac OS X, and a Service exam on the hardware repair. We offer Apple Certified training courses in preparation for each exam.

OS X Troubleshooting Exam (9L0-064) - Tests practical knowledge of OS X emphasizing troubleshooting of OS X version 10.8, and applies knowledge of OS X 10.8 toward identifying common Mac OS X issues. We offer a two-day course covering the essentials of OS X v10.8 as it applies towards this exam.

Apple Macintosh Service Exam (9L0-010) - Tests practical knowledge of effectively and safely troubleshooting and repairing Apple Macintosh desktop and portable systems, including displays. We offer a five-day course covering each of the exam's objective sections, provide access to all systems needed to diagnose and troubleshoot a Macintosh system, and offer practical laboratory time with machines.

The relevant exam is scheduled in the final day of training for both the OS X v10.8 Troubleshooting course, and the Apple Macintosh Service course. A separate fee, outside of the course fee, will apply for the exam.

We will require that applicants attending the Apple Macintosh Service course have completed the 10.8 Troubleshooting course, or have equivalent knowledge. There is simply too much information to cover to allow for remediation during class time.


What's new about AppleCare certification?

Previously there were separate certifications for Portables and Desktop machines. As of January 2008 those are combined into the Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT). This one hardware exam will qualify certified technicians to work on all currently supported Macintosh computers with one exception. Macbook Pro Retina Display requires an additional self-proctored exam available to current ACMTs.


How do I order parts for AppleCare warranty repair once I get Hardware certified?

Once you achieve certification, you will need to gain access to a GSX account in order to do warranty work. This is provided by the company you work for and is not available to individuals. It is through a GSX Account that your company will have the required relationship with Apple to be able to order the parts and gain access to the specialized tools available only to repair centers.


How does ACMT certification work?

AppleCare certifications work slightly differently than the IT certifications. The OS Troubleshooting exam for the ACMT certification follows the above model, and lasts for the life of the relevant version of Mac OS X.  OS X Lion will be in large part pretty much the same from the time it is released until it is replaced by 10.8. Computer hardware, however, changes dramatically on a rapid basis.


How long does my AppleCare certification last?

Every two or three months tends to reveal upgrades to Apple hardware in subtle or dramatic ways. Due to this fact, the Service exam expires yearly and will require re-certification every year.

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